Yoga… Some like it hot!

The practice of yoga offers great benefits: it makes us more strong and elastic, makes that charge awareness of our bodies, hone our balance… What if we took some of the postures of our last class to the alcove? Sure that the results will be interesting. Each person will have their reasons to try yoga. While some are looking for aesthetic results, others are inclined to the spiritual side. I know those who claim that yoga cures everything. What is true is that sometimes, half a session of yoga with certain postures, one can’t help but think of the possibilities, beyond the well-being or the same discipline. That is, sex. almost as good as trying Escorts Doha and having a nice time with them.

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In recent days, many people have asked me about the benefits of practicing Yoga. What relieves pain?, do you help to sort the ideas and calm the mind?, what tones up the body?, what helps you to be in shape? This ancient discipline arrives in the West as the answer to several dilemmas of the Modern World, providing a space where we can find the peace and tranquility. It is quality time dedicated to yourself, where you focus your attention on the present.

On the other hand, Yoga has become an entire industry. Only in the United States, it is estimated that 20 million people practice any of their styles, with an investment of $10 billion dollars per year; between classes, accessories, and clothing. As in any discipline, buy the best accessories, study its philosophy, pay a membership, it’s not worth anything if it’s not dedication,constant practice.

In the case of Yoga, the benefits are subtle can be warn from day one. You learn to quiet the mind, to follow the directions and forget about the earrings. If you are distracted with the grocery list or that project that you must deliver tomorrow, what is more likely is that you lose your balance and fall. In the first few weeks of practice committed, the stress is released and you open the path to new possibilities. As you focus your attention on the breath, your mind calms and oxygenates, which improves the functions of the brain. With the time it is evident the improvement in the health, especially hormone level.

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While you put into practice these positions, don’t forget to connect with your breath and not paying attention to any noise, “internal or external” (so said my instructor). I don’t know about you, but I, having armed this post, I plan to take with more seriousness and discipline in my yoga classes.

Even when the transformation is gradual, every step of the way you have the opportunity to grow, in body, mind and spirit. In Yoga you can enjoy that “free sample” that gives you a session… but nothing better that to enjoy the benefits that it offers with the passage of time, so that your practice is committed and always respecting your truth — flexibility and effort — in the here and now.

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