Breath control: The basics in sex

The breath is life and health. According to yoga, through breathing in addition to breathing oxygen, we absorb prana (vital energy). Through the breathing you can also transform your physiological state and emotional during the sexual encounter. In this sense, we can achieve a state of greater or less excitement, if we learn to breathe in a certain way.

Like many things, sex is a physical activity which is good to be prepared, just like Barcelona Escorts. At twenty, this goes unnoticed, but after 50 years it is important to exercise our body to be able to enjoy sex and that it was not put in danger the whole system. The higher the age is more and more evident the lack of air with the sex. Even people who weekly make your quota of exercise, physical benefit of practicing something seemingly obvious, but that insurance is not fully carried out well: breathe.

Oxygen is the clue for success

A good breath is essential to oxygenating your body. Many times we lose the air for the simple reason of not breathing well, or by the nose. Many people who breathe through the nose insurance does not involve the belly-diaphragm in breathing, and lost with it many benefits. Breathe well powers our physical state and prevents in exercises with stages peak of short duration but very high intensity does not let us enjoy fully and always have the control.

Breathing in through the nose, the mouth is kept closed and the agitation caused by the exercises appears later. I personally insist on breathing using the diaphragm-belly. It is simple. When we take air-let the musculature of the womb is soothing, to expel the air help output this with the own belly contracting. In this way, the muscles are soft covers that we catch a lot of air and then ban you. When we get this to be automatic, or it may be that our body to breathe so we have the same breath that the cats, the muscles of the belly without marking a soap dish, if it is strong, toned, and sure we can show a better body. It is a round shape to improve several things of health causing the body to work by itself.

It is worth remembering here that there are few of the relaxation techniques that are based exclusively on a control of the breathing. But let’s focus on what’s really important here, which is not another thing that the relationship between the breathing and the control of your ejaculatory reflex. When you find yourself enjoying relationships with your partner it is normal for your heart rate to skyrocket and, therefore, maintain a fast rate of breathing and not regular.

These conditions create a level of excitement and nervousness that can lead to ejaculations unwanted and too fast. In this sense, performing a few small exercises to control breathing while you are enjoying the sex you will give you the opportunity to control the time at which you want to ejaculate. My advice is that you concentrate all the power of your mind into the rhythm of your breathing.