How to activate the sexual chakra with a nuru massage

The tantric massage, in addition to its virtues relaxing, soothing and healing, represents an excellent means to arouse sexual desire through that is called the Kundalini, which is located at the base of the spine. Before performing the massage, it is preferable that the patient take a hot bath to be more receptive. Then, to get more in the environment, appropriate music, candles and essential oils are the best way to enter in a situation of nuru massage barcelona. You should start with the feet, to go up progressively up to the neck, in order to completely relax the body.

The massage of the feet is also known by the name of reflexology. The next stage consists in awakening the Kundalini, with the realization of a series of massages around the area in which it is located, therefore, at the level of the lower part of the back.

The importance of Kundalini

There are many ways of awakening the Kundalini. The most commonly used technique is a gentle massage, similar to a caress of the surface of the skin with the tip of the fingers. It may happen that at a given moment, this type of massage causes a feeling of fear or discomfort in the patient.

Then, you are advised to stop immediately, since it produces the opposite effect to the one you are looking for. In effect, this massage should normally lead to the opening of the patient to a feeling of well-being. In the case in which the massage induce a feeling of discomfort, the subject is closed about the effect of welfare than expected.

For awakening the Kundalini, it is necessary to take conscience of the seven main chakras and master the technique that allows you to balance them. After awakening the Kundalini, you can move to the third stage that consists in bringing this awakening even further.

This final stage comes determined in function of the desire of the client. It is good to know that the feeling to achieve a similar intensity to an orgasm through every fibre of the body, and is not concentrated only in a certain point of the body. Learn to make a good erotic massage and practice it with a partner can be the first step to begin again, to convert our sexual relationships in a fun, different and very satisfying.

Sometimes many people complain that their partner will ‘direct-to-the-point’ and this makes them not reach the level of excitement desired. Another of the frequent complaints that often occur in the query is the short time dedicated to petting and foreplay, and that all relationships are equal, ending the sex to become boring. And all this ends by ‘charging’ all the good that brings the sex healthy.

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